Download Rapha English: English Speaking Course

By | December 22, 2020

Download Rapha English: English Speaking Course

Download Rapha English: English Speaking Course: Rapha English is a Spoken English Game App offering a FREE English Speaking Course covering English pronunciation, English grammar, and English conversation skills.

Play and Learn English for FREE with RAPHA & FRIENDS!

(The Heroes, the Villains & the Superheroes…) 😇

Rapha English Speaking Course Features:

😇 Unique Gamified English Learning Method – LPEGA
Each English speaking lesson in Rapha English Speaking Course focuses on learning English through videos, English speaking practice, music, and English Conversation games.

😇 Learn English through Stories and Games
Learn English through interactive stories of RAPHA & FRIENDS (The Heroes, The Villains & The Superheroes) to make your English speaking easy and relatable.



😇 Speak and Get Feedback
Learn English by speaking into the Rapha English speech recognition system. Get instant feedback and practice English conversation skills.

😇 Power Up and Learn English with the Superheroes!
Play the Rapha English: English speaking course as a Game! Become a Seraph and prove your English speaking skills

😇 Achievement Badges
To make your English learning online an interesting experience, win Superhero badges, and show your merit! If you lose, start over and win them back!

😇 Fun Games
Play and learn English conversation with RAPHA & FRIENDS!

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Rapha English App has upcoming English Speaking courses that would cover topics on English Grammar, English Pronunciation, and English Conversation skills in more detail.

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