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Modi govt to provide free food to poor Will give free. Under this, 80 crore beneficiaries will get the benefit. In May and June 2021, 5 kg of free foodgrains will be made available to the poor. The government says the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme will cost more than Rs 26,000 crore.

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In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to the poor, the Government of India has decided to provide free food to 80 crore beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana like last year. The scheme was announced last year during the first wave of Covid-19 when a nationwide lockdown was imposed. PM Modi said that the poor got full support when the country was going through a difficult situation. The government will spend Rs 26,000 crore on this scheme. Many states are also demanding an economic package from the central government.

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keep a distance of two yards with the mask. If we are safe, then once again in this difficult period of the nation-safe Kovid-12 transition, the population of 2.50 crore of the more than 01.5 lakh NFSA ration card holders will be provided free of cost in May and June. Monthly distribution will start on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. One Nation, One Ration Card Scheme State Boundaries Now, no one can be deprived of their livelihood by getting a virgin in Gujarat. Rak kanu, padalv mane ke na gam na ma phu kapna shama thi shamana ka gam vel alde meerdaarvolmagandl ne enough black na shashi mana havana vayuka ke mans da wn lun shana slaptalad that of view hindi na • an distribution system to operate smoothly Therefore between 11th May to 30th May-2021 (Under the last digit in the ration card booklet number i.e. if the last one is 21 then understand the number 1) the regular and the days of distribution of the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare and Scheme Ration Card Booklet Number: XXXXX XXXX1 NF. Of holders The card number does not have the last digit number. May 11 is the last digit number. If the last digit number is 6 on 14th May, May 12 is the number 1 of the last digit. May 1 is the last digit number 7. May 13 is the last digit number. May 5 is the last digit number. If the last digit number is 6 on May 18, they will be given a date. If I am at the last digit number on 18, they will be given a date. May 15 is the last digit number. In case of unavoidable circumstances on 20th May, if a beneficiary cannot get the required quantity of essential items from the fair price shop on the stipulated day, he will be able to get the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare and Scheme “National Food Security Act” from 21st May to 31st May 2018. Under NFSA (AAY + PHH) ration card holders will get 2.5 kg of wheat and 1.5 kg of rice per person under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana free of cost in addition to regular concessions in May-2010 under public distribution system. , Rice, Tuverdal, Sugar and Salt) Regular Distribution for the month of May will start from 11th May at the following concessional rates. Saffron Receivable Price per kg Rupees , 60 kg for up to 3 days. For women with more than 5 husbands. 1.00 Woe to be available at Rakshi Katgar G. Dist. Money less Wheat 2 kg 2.00 wils 3 BP Rona Mak Iron 10 km Nimit 3.00 Khak tuvarad ion kai ri 1 ki sha 59.00 1 hidya regular uti shakti per 2, 3 2.00. A and our work Shokha Walim 3 kg 3.00 Baupijiv Salt Kerosene Tuvardal Card dt 1 kg, this 99.00 is the same as Baukt Kerosene Atyandara Cardholders Am in Paradhana 1.00 Shakti d Dwatar / Walez Kshanik Hokari Zee Kata Rohto (Ta. Lo u) Need to wear a mask and avoid crowds and get strict adherence to social deterrence while avoiding corona readers – Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Deputy Chief Minister, Gujarat

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