On December 21, after 800 years, the two largest planets Jupiter and Saturn will come closer, night will also be the longest

By | December 21, 2020

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Two astronomical events are due to occur on Monday. The two largest planets in the solar system orbit the sun at a distance of 65 million kilometers from each other. Jupiter will orbit Saturn on December 21st, as the two planets are in the same plane as the Earth. At this point, the distance between these two planets will be 0.1 degrees. After 794 years, the two planets in the solar system, Saturn and Jupiter, will come so close to each other that Earthlings can easily see them. With this tomorrow the night of the 21st will be the longest night and the shortest day.

 Great Conjugation on December 21st

The largest planet Jupiter orbits the Sun at 11.86 years and Saturn at 29.5 years. So mathematically, after 19.6 years, the two come closer to each other in what is called conjugation. But tomorrow, December 21, is the Great Conjugation. That is, the distance between these two planets will be only 0.1 degrees out of the total 360 degrees seen from Earth. According to experts, these planets came closest in the first year 1623. Naliya remains cold with 3.8 degrees, freezing cold in these areas of the state for two days

 Now such an event will happen in 2040

This astronomical event will take place in October 2040. If these two planets are not so close then after 800 years these two planets will be so close. The event will be observed in a south-westerly direction for just 1 hour after sunset on December 21st. Jupiter’s planet will be eclipsed by Saturn’s planet before and after the planet Jupiter as seen from Earth. Since Jupiter’s planet is brighter with the naked eye, only Jupiter’s planet will be visible. While this phenomenon can be seen better through a telescope. Even now these two planets are seen getting closer to the west after sunset and on Monday it will come closer to the maximum.

 The longest night of December 21st

With this, the date of December 21st will be the shortest day. The night in Ahmedabad will be 13 hours 17 minutes. Tomorrow night will be the longest night. The days will get longer as the earth orbits.

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