Updated Telephone Directory PDF by Gujarat Information Department

By | January 19, 2021

Updated Telephone Directory PDF by Gujarat Information Department

A telephone directory generally is known as a phone book, phone address book, telephone publication, or even the yellow and white pages, is a list of phone subscribers in a geographic place or readers to services furnished by the company that publishes the directory. Its objective is to permit the phone number of a contributor identified by address and name available. The dawn of the web and smartphones in the 21st century significantly decreased the demand for a paper phone book. The motto”Let Your Fingers Do the Walking” describes utilize telephone books.

Subscriber names are usually listed in alphabetical order, together with their street address and phone number. In principle, each subscriber in the geographic coverage area is recorded, but readers may ask the exception of the amount from the directory, frequently for a fee; their amount is then believed to be”unlisted” (the US and Canada), “ex-directory” (British English), “personal” or personal amount (Australia and New Zealand). A telephone directory may also supply directions: how to utilize the phone assistance, the way to dial a specific amount, be it local or global, what amounts to get emergency and important services, utilities, hospitals, physicians, and organizations that can offer assistance in times of emergency. There might be transit channels, postal code/zip code manuals, international dialing codes, or arena seating charts, in addition to advertising. In the USA, under present rules and clinics, cell phone and voice over IP listings aren’t included in phone directories. Efforts to make cellular directories have met stiff resistance from many fronts, including people who attempt to prevent telemarketers.Types
A telephone directory and its content might be understood by the color of the paper it’s printed on

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White pages normally indicate private or alphabetic listings.
Yellow pages, gold pages, A2Z, or categorized directory is generally a”business directory”, in which companies are listed alphabetically within each of numerous classifications (e.g., “attorneys”), nearly always with paid advertisements.

Grey pages, sometimes referred to as a”reverse telephone directory”, enabling subscriber details available for a given amount. Not available in most jurisdictions. (These listings are usually published individually, in a city directory, or even under a different title, for a cost, and made accessible to government and commercial bureaus ) The majority of these sites offer you a free company listing.

Other colors could have other meanings; for instance, advice on government agencies can be printed on blue pages or even pages that are green. Novel Telephone directories could be printed in hard copy or in digital form. In the latter scenario, the directory may be utilized provided as an internet service via proprietary terminals or on the world wide web, or on physical media like CD-ROM. In most nations directories are published in book form and available over the net. Printed directories were generally provided at no cost. Telephone directories are a sort of town directory. Books listing the people of a whole town were widely released beginning in the 18th century, even until the invention of the phone.

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